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Book movers online.

As many and as long as you need them.


Book removal helpers online - as many and as for long as you need them

You are moving? Your friends don't have the time or the inclination to help you move?

No problem, with Rent-A-Friend you can book helpers quickly and at short notice. In the whole of Switzerland. Within 24 hours. And if it's urgent, even faster.

Here's how it works

1. Select number of helpers

2. Make an appointment

3. Pay conveniently online

4. Have the move done

Why Rent A Friend?

Friends are always there for you. When you invite them over for a barbecue, celebrate a birthday, need someone to talk to etc.. But when you need help moving or in the garden, suddenly no one has time...or you don't want to ask every time.

With Rent-A-Friend you can now book friends who are only there to help you. Without you having to have a guilty conscience. Or have to invite them for a beer after work (although our friends are happy about that too ;-).

No matter how many people you are looking for and whether for the whole day or just for a short time. With Rent-A-Friend you can book the right helpers from your neighbourhood with just a few clicks.

Simply select the type and number of helpers, set the date, time and place, and your new friends will come to you.

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