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As of March 2021


These are the general terms and conditions (hereinafter "GTC") of TEES GmbH, Schaffhauserstrasse 354, 8050 Zurich (hereinafter "Rent-A-Friend"). The terms and conditions contain important information for the relationship between the client (hereinafter referred to as "user"), the employed employees (hereinafter "friends"), the executing service providers/recruitment agencies/hiring agencies (hereinafter "providers") and Rent-A-Friend.

1. Use of the Website

1.1 The website is only available to the user for his own non-commercial use. The use of the website and the services provided by Rent-A-Friend are subject to the following general terms and conditions.

1.2 All bookings via our website are reserved for persons who have reached the age of 18. For example, it is not possible for persons under the age of 18 to book and use services. You warrant that all information that you provide about yourself is true.

1.3 The website and its content may not be modified, duplicated, passed on, sold, published or reproduced in any way by the user. However, making individual copies of the site for your private, non-commercial use is permitted.

1.4 The services obtained via the website may not be resold or mediated by the user or otherwise passed on to third parties for a fee. The website is only to be used in a legally permissible manner and in accordance with the contract, in particular in compliance with these General Terms and Conditions. According to the contract in this sense is only the booking of services and any other lawful use of the functions installed on the website.

1.5 Rent-A-Friend is entitled to block access to the website and/or the online services at any time for good cause.

2. Subject of the order

2.1 The subject of the order is the performance of the service agreed upon in the order (e.g. relocation help), not a specific success or a specific result. A certain duration per use is specified in the products or services. Subsequent changes and additions at the user's request mean a change or extension of the order and the user will be invoiced separately.

3. Booking

3.1 "Booking" means the user's offer to obtain or use the products or services described on the Rent-A-Friend website. The contract for the products and services selected by the user is between the relevant provider and the user. Rent-A-Friend can itself act as a provider or, in the case of another provider, Rent-A-Friend acts exclusively as an intermediary within the framework of these General Terms and Conditions.

3.2 Provider within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions is Rent-A-Friend itself or third-party service providers.

3.3 The general terms and conditions of the provider apply in addition to the present terms and conditions of Rent-A-Friend.

3.4 The offers of products or services presented on the website do not represent a binding contract offer on the part of Rent-A-Friend and/or the respective provider. Rather, it is an invitation to the user to enter into an offer to conclude a contract with the provider of the product or service (invitatio ad offerendum). The offer is submitted by the user by entering his data in the online booking form and sending it to Rent-A-Friend. The user thus commissions Rent-A-Friend to carry out the booking of the product or service selected by the user. The user authorizes Rent-A-Friend to pay for the previously selected service. Insofar as Rent-A-Friend invoices services and collects payments, this is done in its own name or in the name and for the account of the respective service provider. Any fee for the mediation service is already included in the price of the product or service and does not have to be paid additionally by the user.

The user has the option of paying by credit card, Paypal or payment with invoice within 30 days with our Partner swissbilling.
swissbilling SA is a service provider, that allows you to receive your order with an invoice in a simple and secure way.
The Invoice will be sent from swissbilling separately from your order, per email or regular mail, depending on your choice. swissbilling’s services are based on a fix fee and your maximum order for the first purchase is CHF 1500.00. The invoice is payable within 30 days. For security matters, shipping address and billing address must be identical. swissbilling keeps the right to have a credit check control done through it’s partner CRIF AG in Zurich (Tel.: 044 913 50 50, In addition to our GTC, the following swissbilling GTC also apply:

Up to 12 hours before the start of the assignment, Rent-A-Friend itself or on behalf of the respective provider or the respective provider itself either accepts the offer aimed at concluding a contract or rejects it. When a booking confirmation is sent or when the name of the friends is sent, the corresponding contract for the service is concluded.

3.5 In the case of another provider, the services of Rent-A-Friend are limited to the mediation of the products or services you have selected and end with the sending of the booking confirmation and the other necessary confirmation documents (e.g. contact details of the provider, the names of the friends or similar). etc.).

3.6 Any discrepancies in the confirmation documents that the user receives following a booking must be reported to Rent-A-Friend immediately by email.

4. Materials Needed

4.1 The user provides all required utensils (e.g. tools, work equipment, consumables, etc.) free of charge. The user is responsible for the availability of the required work items. Only the costs of the work are included in the fee; all utensils, devices or other equipment must be provided by the customer at his own expense.

5. Cancellation / Termination

5.1 Rent-A-Friend reserves the right to cancel a booking if there is reasonable suspicion of fraudulent activity. In this case, Rent-A-Friend will try to contact the user at the email address provided at the time of booking. If this attempt fails, Rent-A-Friend is entitled to cancel this booking and repay any payment made.

5.2 If the user is in arrears with the payment of remuneration and the grace period set by Rent-A-Friend is also unsuccessful, Rent-A-Friend is entitled to terminate all contracts with the user that have not yet been completed without notice, unless the user provides security for all contracts in the amount of the expected remuneration claims from Rent-A-Friend.

5.3 A cancellation / postponement of the booked service by the user is possible up to 7 days before the start of the assignment. The user must notify Rent-A-Friend of this in writing (email). Rent-A-Friend will confirm the cancellation/postponement to the user. The user owes Rent-A-Friend 25% of the total price for the cancellation/postponement. In the event of cancellation, Rent-A-Friend will refund the remaining 75% of the total price to the payment method (credit card / PayPal account) used at the time of booking. In the event of a postponement, Rent-A-Friend will additionally invoice the user for 25% of the total price. In the event of a cancellation/postponement less than 7 days before the start of the assignment, the user owes Rent-A-Friend 100% of the total price. In the event of cancellation, there will be no reimbursement to the user. In the event of a postponement, Rent-A-Friend will additionally invoice the user for 100% of the total price.

6. Liability

6.1 The Friend is liable to the user for damage that he has caused intentionally or negligently. In the event of damage to third parties, the user assumes responsibility for the Friend. In particular, the user is liable for damage caused by the Friend to third parties or for damage to vehicles that the Friend had to drive as part of an assignment. The provider rejects any liability for damage caused by the Friends. The user is therefore responsible for the appropriate insurance (e.g. liability, household contents or flat insurance)  to close.

6.2. The user has the option of taking out additional liability insurance during the booking process. This insurance covers damage caused to movable and immovable property as a result of the performance or omission of an activity by a friend on or with them. This also includes damage to third-party land and water vehicles (including superstructures and trailers) and third-party containers caused by loading and unloading. The removal/transport goods themselves are excluded from the insurance. The sum insured is a maximum of CHF 2,000 for the entire operation. The deductible is CHF 200 per damage event. The deductible will be deducted from the calculated damage.Damage must be reported in writing (email) to Rent-A-Friend no later than the third calendar day after the occurrence of the damaging event.

7. Final Provisions

7.1 Swiss law applies to the entire legal relationship between Rent-A-Friend and the user as well as to these General Terms and Conditions. Place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

7.2 If an agreement within the framework of this contractual relationship is ineffective, the rest of the contract remains effective.

7.3 Should one or more of the above provisions be ineffective, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

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